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The legalisation of medical cannabis marks an exciting time in healthcare. It’s a brand new industry with huge opportunities. Vir Pharma combines industry expertise and plant based science to deliver the high quality whole plant medical cannabis to the Australian market.  

In 2018, Vir Pharma secured licences from the Office of Drug Control for both the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis oil, one of just a few Australian companies to own the full supply chain including cultivation, production, manufacturing and distribution.

To meet existing consumer demand we have partnered with Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation, Canada’s first organic certified producer, to import cannabis oil into the Australian market. WMMC shares a common cultivation approach to our business, focusing on advanced chemical-free growing techniques to produce quality plants.  A clinical trial is currently being conducted with the Prince of Wales hospital in the treatment of Glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer.


The philosophy of Vir Pharma places innovation at the core of our business. Our whole plant based scientific approach allows us to develop medicines of the highest quality for TGA approval. Through tissue culture propagation our expert team is able to produce high health cannabis plant clones, free from pests and diseases.  


Our breeders are developing new strains that deliver greater yield, non-primary cannabinoids and specific chemotypes to provide whole plant extracts, for genetic licensing and to preserve the balance of the medicines we create.

Two scientific research projects have begun with Southern Cross University to evaluate the various cannabis chemotypes and phenoptypes from 50+ cultivars in providing relief from serious health conditions. Secondly, Vrir Pharma is investigating Tissue Culture media and protocols for future micro propogation of its genetics across Asia


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